The FLWC Nominating Committee presented the slate at the November 16 Club Meeting for the Board of Directors for 2019/2020. These officers will be elected at the December 19 meeting, and since there is only one nominee for each office, a voice vote will be taken. For questions please send email to

  • President: Jo Ann Smith
  • 1st Vice President: DonnaLeet Minott
  • 2nd Vice President: Mindy Noble
  • Recording Secretary: Ashley Brizendine
  • Treasurer: Jeri Pryor
  • Corresponding Secretary: Jaime Monaco
Duties of the Board of Directors. The board of directors shall:
1.   adopt an annual budget and present to the membership;
2.   approve appointments made by the president to fill existing vacancies;
3.   ratify and accept the report of the audit committee annually and present to the membership;
4.   unless otherwise designated, approve the allocation of monies raised and/or donated to the clubhouse restoration or to the club’s philanthropic activities;
5.   appoint, suspend or remove such employees, agents or representatives as may from time to time be deemed necessary, fix the salaries or compensation of such appointees, and require security in such amounts as the board shall decide;
6.   maintain a bank safe deposit box for the storage and protections of important FLWC documents. The officers who shall have access to the contents of such box shall be any two of the following: the president, the 1st vice president, the 2nd vice president, and treasurer; and
7.   establish such special funds as shall be deemed necessary.
– As stated in FLWC Bylaws amended October 24, 2014  Click here to read more