Members and guests gathered on February 17 for our February Club Meeting and Annual Art Show.  Special appreciation goes to Clare Vickery who judged the competition and awarded the Best in Show and Blue Ribbon winners.  Thanks to everyone who participated. We had 40 entries in total with 6 winners whose artwork now advances to the District 13 competition and the chance to go onto the GFWC Florida convention in April!

Photo credit: Sandra Haffner

Art Winner_SharonAllen_BestinShow

Sharon Allen – Watercolor: Fleming Street in Key West – BEST IN SHOW!

Art Winner_DonnaBruno_

Donna Bruno – Knitting Clothing: Child’s Knitted Sweater

Art Winner_MarianCarlson_Jewelry

Marian Carlson – Jewelry: White Pole Clay Beaded Necklace

Art Winner_BevHoppe_

Beverly Hoppe – Fabric Craft: Flower Bra (also won for entry of Pastel: Apples in a Basket )

Art Winner_MarilynRomano_Minature

Marilyn Romano (left) – Miniature: Painting. Pictured with Mindy Noble, FLWC Arts Community Service Program Committee, Chair.  Thank you Mindy for organizing and hosting a fabulous show this year!

Art Winner_CarolSiratto_

Carol Sirotto – Wreaths: Fabric Art Garland (also won for Floral/No Live Materials: Dried Flower Arrangement)

Please welcome our newest members and

wish a Happy Birthday to our February ladies!!   

New Members_Carol+Sharon Allen+

New members: Connie Caldwell (left), Sharon Allen and Estela Velez de Ramos


Linda Parlock (left), Pat Blacker, Marilyn Ramano and Paula Kosseff


               Elba Cases 2/1

                Linda Parlock 2/5

                 Paula Kosseff 2/5

                 Patricia Blacker 2/6

                Patricia Zeiler 2/7

                 Luz Stella Ramos 2/7

                Margerethe Sorenson 2/8

                Margarite Docen 2/13

                 Trudy Jermanovich 2/16

                 Judy Callahan 2/19

                Ashley Brizendine 2/20

                Marilyn Romano 2/20

                Lisa Siegel 2/21

                 Diane Alarcon 2/22

                Mae Kramer Silver 2/25

                Sue Fuhr 2/26

                Barbara Correll 2/28