Conservation and Earth Day took center stage at the April 21 Club Meeting. Vicki Eckels of Green Scene Consulting spoke and outlined a 20 point check list to measure environmental awareness and offered recycling tips.  The Hibiscus Boutique, also part of the Conservation Committee, had a table and sold items (jewelry, purses and crafts) handmade from reused or recycled materials. Our sincere thanks to Vicki, along with Conservation Chair Linda Gibboney, for delivering an interesting and enlightening program about sustainable practices.

Vicki Eckels

Pictured about from left to right: Linda Gibboney, Brenda Savage, Vicki Eckels, Marian Carlson. More information is listed below on two programs that garnered several questions during Vicki’s presentation:

1) TerraCycle Program:

From this page, “Spring Program…” are links to a flyer (.pdf file) that outlines the many items the program accepts. Please note that the items accepted by the TerraCycle Program change over time so it’s good to return to this page in the spring and fall to see if there have been updates to the flyer. Cash rebates to Broward College from TerraCycle help support a Broward College scholarship fund.

2) Certified Wildlife Habitat

This is a link to the City’s web site. In mid-2016, the City of Fort Lauderdale became a certified Community Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Federation. This page is full of great information. One of the links tells you how to build a simple habitat in your yard or in a large pot on a balcony that meets the four essential requirements: food, water, cover, and a place for wildlife to raise their young. Once your habitat has been created, complete the online certification ( which specifies Fort Lauderdale as your location. This helps the City preserve its certification.


Susie Cox Flynn, FLWC Honorary Lifetime Member, graced us with her presence and words of wisdom at our April Meeting. Happy Birthday Susie! We love you and look forward to celebrating with you again next year!!

Suzie Flynn birthday


The Education Committee was out in full force at the April meeting to promote the “Get Booked for Ivy” May 4 event to raise funds for our Ivy Stranahan Memorial Scholarship Fund. This included author and FLWC Honorary Lifetime Member, Mae Silver dressed as Ivy Stranahan, who made a passionate plea for support!

Education Committee


We welcomed two new members in April.  Please extend a special greeting to Inge Bynens (left in picture below) and Andrea Deas next time you see them. Ladies thank you for joining and we look forward to working with you and getting to know you better!

New members Inge & Andrea


Our collection drive for the April meeting was in support of the mothers and their children at the Broward Partnership for the homeless. Thanks to everyone who contributed their gently used bras, handbags and jewelry. Thank you for making a difference for those in need in our community!

Mothers Day Collection Drive


On April 22 several FLWC members attended the Macy’s at Galleria Mall VIP Party to Celebrate Spring with wine, treats and received a $10 off shopping gift card. According to Rebecca Solomon, who organized the event, “We all had a great time. Everyone shopped and Macy’s invited us to join them again to preview the Fall Collection!” Pictured from left to right: Paula Kosseff, Mindy Noble, Pat Campbell, Rebecca Solomon, Jeannie Burke, Pat Blacker and Tracey Samples. Not pictured Christine Sjoblom.



 We received grant money for the Rotary Club of Fort Lauderdale to make improvements and clean-up the Botanical Garden in Stranahan Park during the April 29 Cares Day. This included weeding the garden, cleaning algae and debris from the pond, installing a new planter in the succulent plant area and building a pergola to be used during weddings. Our heartfelt thanks to the Rotary and City volunteers. Most especially to Jo Ann Smith and Jorge Hruschka for coordinating this effort!



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Lastly a message from Broward Partnership thanking those that volunteered their time.  “Holidays can often be a lonely and depressing time for the homeless. This year the Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club assisted the Mary Jane Harlow Charitable Trust in making Easter a very special day for 230 homeless men, women and children living at the Broward Partnership.   Members of the FLWC prepared 230 gift bags for the men and women along with 185 bags of Easter Candy.  The gifts were received by the homeless on Easter morning with big hugs and sincere thanks; it was a very special experience for all who helped.” — DonnaLee Minott, Community Engagement Manager